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We all need to share the same information about ourselves over and over again with organisations to get things done.

New Zealand Post Connect is a tool that lets you gather and organise your important information such as bills, copies of your passport and even exam results.

It then lets you quickly share these with organisations you are connected to, making it easier to get things done online like receiving bills, applying to university or for a student loan.

Connect is your personal secure online vault that puts you in control of your information and who you share it with.

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To receive information from organisations simply make them a connection

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Upload copies of your documents such as a passport or marriage certificate



Connect lets you organise, manage and action your information in a way that works for you.



Connect makes it easy to share information with organisations - helping you do more online such as submitting evidence for a student loan or sharing a bill with a flatmate

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Connect is available now and all you need to get started is your name and email address. You can log into Connect from anywhere using your smartphone, tablet or personal computer.